Bowel prep or Foul prep? Troubleshooting bowel preparation at home

You finally heard the dreaded words from your primary care doctor, “you need a colonoscopy!” You’ve heard horror stories from your friends as they went one by one for a colonoscopy. “I pooped my brains out!” one said. “I couldn’t stop vomiting because of the horrible tasting prep,” another said. The fasting, the drinking of... Continue Reading →

The Butt Stops Here: the story of tobacco and adenomatous polyps

The past two months have been an exciting time for me as I embark on my fellowship experience. I started out on my endoscopy month scoping routine outpatient cases. During this time, I noticed a trend. Patients that smoked had more polyps in their colon. This isn’t a new concept. In fact, there is strong... Continue Reading →

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