Bowel prep or Foul prep? Troubleshooting bowel preparation at home

You finally heard the dreaded words from your primary care doctor, “you need a colonoscopy!” You’ve heard horror stories from your friends as they went one by one for a colonoscopy. “I pooped my brains out!” one said. “I couldn’t stop vomiting because of the horrible tasting prep,” another said. The fasting, the drinking of... Continue Reading →

A patient’s guide to the FODMAP diet.

As with many things I write about as a Gastroenterology fellow, my topics come from my friends and family. Recently, at my parent’s dinner party, the topic of the FODMAP diet was thrown around. Many of my mother’s friends were curious about this “diet.” I would like to start out by saying calling the FODMAP... Continue Reading →

The hard truth about constipation

Hi everyone! Today’s post is about acute constipation and what you can do at home! This might be an awkward and embarrassing topic, but your bowel health is very important. You are not alone! Anyone who hasn’t done the deed in a couple days feels the pain, literally. The definition of acute constipation is a... Continue Reading →


Let’s talk about a really hot topic in gastroenterology: Probiotics. I get more questions about this topic than a lot of others, and it is challenging because the published evidence provides differing opinions. How do I feel about them? Personally, I’m, Get it? Anyway, let’s start with the most basic question: what are probiotics?... Continue Reading →

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